Materiality of Music?


My project intends to discuss music as an object/thing/subject. How does music create and interact with networks? In what ways does the material of music (soundwaves) affect these interactions?

To prepare for this, I have two examples: the first is from Disney’s Fantasia and please focus only on about the first three or four minutes. The second is a poor recording of an amazing piece entitled Resonances I (wordpress won’t let me upload the mp3 version of my ensemble performing it, I call that visual discrimination) which I would consider a rhizomatic musical piece. Enjoy!


One Response to “Materiality of Music?”

  1. Hunter Says:

    Hey all it’s Monday how is everyone? For 30+ years Steve Jolemore has been a professional music instructor in Virginia Beach, Va teaching all styles. Throughout all of Hampton Roads Steve teaches everything from Guitar Lessons to Composition and Theory to Performance in everything from Classical to Rock. Not only is Steve a fantastic instructor he is also a master composer. To hear his music please visit the link provided. Thank you & take care!

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