end of the semester


I have to agree with Matt that is seems the most important thing that this class has given me has been a shift in my overall ways of thinking about things.  I have to admit that I am a little worn out by the discussions of distinguishing what a thing really is (and how it maybe differs from an object).  I think that the Harmon text was a nice way to leave the readings, because it summarized Latour’s ways of thinking about actants (or things) in the world, which perhaps encompasses all of the readings in one broad manner of thought.  So, perhaps whether something is a subject or an object really doesn’t matter, because anything carries with it the possibility to play a role in something else, the potential to carry some type of agency, whether it is a person or a door hinge.  Although I personally sometimes have difficulty in isolating the human agency out of things doesn’t change the fact that it can be, which alters the thing completely.


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