Key Concepts and Terms (ANT)


Hello Everyone,

We thought we would post some key terms and concepts (and where they are referenced in the text) to help orient your reading and reviewing of this book.  We expect that we all will be throwing these words and concepts around in our discussion tomorrow.  Look out for some questions that we will post later today. 


Alina, Hector, and Matt




-‘Following the actors themselves’
-Tracing relations between shifting and unstable frames of reference and different speeds and acceleration

Mediator vs. Intermediary (pg. 37, 39, 233)

Circulation (pg. 36)

Figuration (pg. 57)

Social ties (pg. 66)


Social asymmetries (though perhaps this is better phrased as a
question?), also “the maintenance of asymmetries” (p.66-69)

“agency, action, actor” (p.71)

Actor vs. Actant (pg.71)

Incommensurability (pg. 74)

Occasions where the activity of objects become visible (pp. 80-81)


Description vs. Explanation (pg 85, 147)

Construction and Objectivity (pp. 89-90)


Translation vs. transportation (pg. 106-108)

Social vs. Association (p. 107)

“Pluriverse”, ontology, and reality (pp. 116-117, 119)


society vs. collective (p.75-78) vs. network (p.128-133)

Plug ins (pp. 204-205,  207)


Actor (p. 208),  action, and network (pp. 216-217) (and individuation)

this is formally out of range, but is important

Local vs. Global (pg. 219-220)


Form,  information and stabilization (“immutable mobiles”, p. 223) (performing
stabilization, p. 226) (“standards”, pp. 226, 229).

Types of Connectors (p. 239)


Plasma (pp. 243- 244)


“Common World” (pp. 254-255) and politics (pp. 161-163)


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