Readings for April 15


Dear things,

Perhaps you are, like me, in the middle of “Reassembling the Social” and thinking, first, that this is not Latour at his best and, second, that this is a great many pages of Latour-not-at-his-best. Of course, there is much of interest in the text, but I think it might kill our spirits to read the book in its entirety. I’d like, therefore, to reduce this coming week’s assignment to four chapters in particular:

• Third Source of Uncertainty: Objects Have Too Much Agency (pp 63-86).
• On the Difficulty of Being an ANT (pp 141-158)
• Third Move: Connecting Sites (219-246)
• Conclusion (247-262)

This is a manageable excerpt, I think, that will contribute to our continuing discussion of We Have Never Been Modern.

For those who may have a special interest in such things, I’ve posted in courseworks Latour’s introductory chapter to the Iconoclash volume, which really is very good. It’s a short piece, fun, provocative, and nicely written. Worth peeking at if you have time.



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