Thinging gathers: the receding vessel/package




It is “produced”.




It “stands on its own”.




It has been “set up before and against us”. 




It  is “a vessel–it contains something”. 




But this vessel is a token of a type. 




It is ‘packaging’… but not of any kind. 


It is box based and, therefore, easy to store. It is relatively weightless and made to be discarded. Its multilayer structure and ‘Ultra-high temperature’ (UHT, of course) and Aseptic processing allow for previously unheard of shelf life, not only redefining Heidegger’s vacuum, but also establishing new boundaries for organic material as “standing reserve”. It is a surface ever so thin, almost to the point of disappearance or abstraction. Because of this, it can be seen as an illustration of analytic binding and its powers to produce manageable objects. But the thing always resists encompassment by the object: it leaks, it agitates, it tends to escape.


3 Responses to “Thinging gathers: the receding vessel/package”

  1. Sydney Says:

    Very interesting. Also, the packaging of US wine in Tetra Pak aseptic containers seems to be increasing. Yet, the package has certain associations that must be overcome. Afterall, the package is part of the branding–we’d respond differently to the same type of wine whether it’s in a bottle or a box (quality, price, etc.), even though the box is likely the more secure/sanitary/efficient vessel. (See one brand here and it’s also available in juicebox sizes

  2. toure mamadou Says:


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    please to indicate the conditions ( quantity and price).
    bests regards


    Our firm looking one tetra pak for our product (soya cold drinks), kindly send us some dissing for us.


    Rashi enterprises.

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