thrice removed



(i’m very sorry to have been out of town for the last discussion, which clearly has left quite a thought-provoking residue…)

perhaps it might seem odd, but among the most arresting images that first came to my mind were those of thomas demand (see above). of course there is always more to the story: the german artist’s career initially as a sculptor took on another iteration as he began to document his elaborately constructed scenes (all made from colored paper), which were themselves inspired by journalistic photographic work:

“As a rule, Demand begins with an image, usually, although not exclusively, from a photograph culled form the media, which he translates into a three-dimensional life-size paper model. Then he takes a picture of the model with a Swiss-made Sinar, a large-format camera with telescopic lens… Contributing to the overall illusion of reality, his large-scale photographs are laminated behind Plexiglas and displayed wihtout a frame… Thus, his photographs are triply removed from the scenes or objects they depict… Once they have been photographed, the models are destroyed. The resulting pictures are convincingly real and strangely artificial.” (Roxana Marcoci, “Paper Moon”, Thomas Demand. New York: MoMA, 2005)


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