Image Anxiety



“The potency of these images doesn’t reside merely in their presentness or topical currency but in their status as enigmas and omens, harbingers of uncertain futures. They also exemplify the sensuous spectrum of image anxiety in our time, ranging from the overwhelmingly traumatic spectacle of mass destruction on the one hand to the subtle creepiness of the cloned sheep, which, as visual image, is quite unremarkable, but as idea is a figure of considerable dread” (Mitchell, p. 12)

I found this image on a website … but a few hours latter it was removed. I believe the anxiety it might produce (or at least the one it produced in the person who decided to remove it) is located in between the “overwhelmingly traumatic spectacle of mass destruction” and an idea that is “a figure of considerable dread”, placing both of these terms in opposition.

I wonder if the picture is fake, if I want it to be fake, or if the picture wants me to think its fake. Or, perhaps, what the picture wants makes me want it to be fake… or what the picture want is incongruent with what the twin towers want (or wanted then). Maybe it was “punished” for being fake.  However, fake or not, I kept it in my hard drive, it popped into my mind while reading Mitchell, and it came out today, within this brief show and tell.


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    more on this photograph:

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