“Objectum Sexuals” Watch this documentary!


My roommate (an American Studies student) was telling me about a documentary on men who are in love with dolls.  In love love… as in, feeling as though they are having a real relationship similar to one with a human (like the movie Lars and the Real Girl, only these men never ditch the dolls).  The people who made that documentary also filmed one about people who considered themselves “objectum sexuals”– lovers of objects.  The people featured in this documentary (I think called Strange Love: Married to the Eiffel Tower) all happen to be women, but there are also films about men who are in love with their cars and call themselves “mecaphiles.”  

One woman is married to the Eiffel Tower and changed her name to Ericka La Tour Eiffel.  You even watch her consummating their marriage on the film!  There are many good quotes from the doc; it is interesting to hear the way these women talk about objects. 

Please enjoy!

Click here for Part One.

Click here for Part Two.


2 Responses to ““Objectum Sexuals” Watch this documentary!”

  1. peter milko Says:

    crazy shit!

    by the way the link is broken

    um i started a clothing line PANICPOP.com

  2. theory organizationa Says:

    organizational theory…

    […]“Objectum Sexuals” Watch this documentary! « thing theory[…]…

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